Hytera MD785 DMR Professional Digital Mobile Radio


Frequency Range: UHF2: 450-520MHz; UHF3: 350-400MHz; UHF5: 806-941MHz; VHF1: 136-174MHz; VHF3: 210-270MHz; UHF1: 400-470MHz

Channel Capacity: 1024

Zone Capacity: 64 (each with a maximum of 256 channels)

Channel Spacing: Analog: 12.5kHz/20kHz/25kHz; Digital: 12.5kHz

Operating Voltage: 13.6V??15%

Current Drain(Standby): ??0.6A

Current Drain(Receive): ??2.0A

Current Drain(Transmit): 5W<5A; 25W<8A; UHF1/UHF2/UHF3: 45W<12A; VHF1: 50W<12A; UHF5: 35W(806-900MHz);30W(900-941MHz)<12a frequency stability: ??1.5ppm antenna impedance: 50?? dimensions(w??h??d)mm: 60 ?? 174 200mm weight: 1700g display: lcd:220??176 pixel??262000colour 2.0 inch??4rows rf power output: low power:uhf1>[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] 4FSK Digital Modulation: 12.5KHz Data Only ??7K60FXD; 12.5kHz Data&Voice??7K60FXW Conducted/Radiated Emission: -36dBm??1GHz; -30dBm>1GHz

Modulation Limiting: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

FM Hum&Noise: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Adjacent Channel Power: [email protected]; [email protected]/25KHz

Audio Response: +1??-3dB

Audio Distortion: ??3%

Digital Vocoder Type: AMBE+2? or SELP

Digital Protocol: ETSI-TS102 361-1;-2;-3

Sensitivity(Analog): 0.3??V(12dB SINAD); 0.22??V(Typical)(12dB SINAD); 0.4??V(20dB SINAD)

Sensitivity(Digital): 0.3??V/BER5%

Adjacent Channel Selectivity: TIA-603: [email protected]/[email protected]/25KHz; ETSI: [email protected]/[email protected]/25KHz

Intermodulation: TIA-603: [email protected]/20/25KHz; ETSI: [email protected]/20/25KHz

Spurious Response Rejection: TIA-603: [email protected]/20/25KHz; ETSI: [email protected]/20/25KHz

Blocking: TIA-603 90dB; ETSI 84dB

Hum&Noise: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Rated Audio Power Output(Internal): 3W @20ohm load

Rated Audio Power Output(External): 7.5W @8ohm load

Max. Audio Power Output(Internal): 8W @20ohm load

Max. Audio Power Output(External): 20W @8ohm load

Rated Audio Distortion: ??3%

Audio Response: +1??-3dB

Conducted Spurious Emission: <-57dbm horizontal position accuracy: <5m (50% probable) ;<10m (95% cold start (time to first fix): <1 minute hot <10 seconds note: accuracy specs are for long-term tracking (5 satellites visible at nominal -130dbm) operating temperature: -30?桫+60?? storage -40?桫+85?? esd: iec 61000-4-2??level 4??; ??8kv??contact??; ??15kv??air?? mil standard: mil-std-810 c>

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