Hytera TC-518 Professional Two-way Radio


Frequency Range: UHF:400-470MHz; VHF:136-174MHz

Channel Capacity: 16

Channel Spacing: 25/12.5KHz

Operating Voltage: 7.4V

Battery: 1100mAh

Battey Life(5/5/90 Duty Cycle;High TX Power): 9 hours

Frequency Stability: ??2.5 ppm

Antenna Impedance: 50??

Dimensions(H??W??D) mm: 110*52*28

Weight: 240g

RF Power Output: 5W/2W(VHF) 4W/2W(UHF)

Modulation: F3E

Spurious and Harmonics: ?? -36dBm (<1GHz) ; ?? -30dBm (>1GHz)

Modulation Limiting: ??5KHz (25KHz); ??2.5KHz (12.5KHz)

FM Noise: 4034dB

Audio Distortion: ?? 5%

RX Sensitivity: ??0.25/0.28??V

Adjacent Channel Selectivity: 70/55dB

Intermodulation: ??60dB

Spurious Response Rejection: ??70dB

S/N: 4034dB

Rated Audio Distortion: ??5%

Rated Audio Power Output: 0.5W

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