AnyTone AT-778UV Dual Band Transceiver Mobile Radio VHF 136-174 UHF 400-480MHz Car Radio Walkie Talkie


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AnyTone AT-778UV Dual Band Transceiver mini Mobile Radio VHF 136-174 UHF 400-480MHz Two Way and Amateur Radio Walkie Talkie Ham



Frequency Range: VHF:136-174MHz UHF:400-480MHz

Number of Channels:200 channels

Channel Spacing:25K(Wide Band) 20K(Middle Band) 12.5K(Narrow Band)

Phase-locked Step:2.5KHz, 5KHz,6.25KHz,8.33KHz,10KHz,12.5KHz,20KHz, 25KHz,30KHz,50KHz

Operating Voltage:13.8V DC ± 15%


Frequency Stability:±5ppm

Operating Temperature:-20℃~+60℃


Weight:About 0.51Kg

Receiver(ETSI EN 300086 standard testing)

Sensitivity(12dB Sinad): Wide band: ≤ 0.25μV Narrow band:≤ 0.35μV

Adjacent Channel Selectivity: Wide band: ≥60dB Narrow band:≥60dB

Audio Response Wide band: +1~-3dB(0.3~3KHz) Narrow band:+1~-3dB(0.3~2.55KHz)

Hum&Noise :Wide band:≥45dB Narrow band:≥40dB

Audio distortion:≤5%

Audio power output:>2W@8Ω

Transmitter(ETSI EN 300 086 standard testing)

Power Output: Wide band:25W/15W/5W Narrow band:25W/15W/5W

Modulation:Wide band:16KΦF3E Narrow band:11KΦF3E

Adjacent Channel Power:Wide band:≥70dB Narrow band:≥60dB

Hum&Noise:Wide band:≥40dB Narrow band:≥36dB

Spurious Emission:Wide band:≥60dB Narrow band: ≥60dB

Audio Response:+1~-3dB(0.3~3KHz) Narrow band:+1~-3dB(0.3~2.55KHz)

Audio Distortion:≤5%




AT-778UV, AT-778UV-Cable


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