Anytone CB radio AT-708 24.265-29.655MHz Citizen Band Radio Mobile Radio

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Anytone CB radio AT-708 24.265-29.655MHz 8W Citizen band radio 480AM-480FM Channels Mobile Radio




Channels  480AM-480FM
Frequency Range 24.265-29.655MHZ
Frequency Control PLL
Operating Temperature Range 10*/+55° C
DC input voltage 13.2V DC +15%
Size 180 (L)x35 (H)x140 (P) mm
Weight 0,850 kg
Recelving system dual conversion superheterodyne
Intermediate frequency 1° IF: 10.695 MHz●I° IF: 455 KHz
Sensitvity 0.5μV for 20 dB SINAD in FM mode
0.5μV for 20 dB SINAD in AM mode
Audio output power @10% THD 2.0W@ 8ohm
Audio distortion less than 8% @1 KHz
Image rejection 65 dB
Adjacent channel rejection 65 dB
Signal/Noise ratio 45 dB
Current drain at stand/by 250mA
Output power 8W @ 13.2V DC
Modulation AM: from 85% to 95%
FM: 1,8 KHz0,2 KHz
Frequency response from 400 Hz to 2.5 KHz
Output impedance RF 50 Ohm unbalanced
SignalNoise Ratio SignalNoise Ratio
Current drain at stand/by 1100mA (Power position with no modulation)





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