Motorola C1200 Digital Analog two -way radio IP54 waterproof Walkie Talkie


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Motorola C1200  economical original Digital /Analog two -way radio,IP54 


XiR C1200 walkie talkie channel can provide 16-160.

No keyboard XiR C1200 is designed to serve the function is not too high requirements for voice and data organization, such as line workers keep talk with superiors, ensure cooperation smooth, full, meet the demand of mobile communication of grassroots staff scheduling and call.







Analog/digital dual mode


The pass-through mode double time slot calls at the same time

Preprogrammed short message text

Weak interpolation function (decoding)

Conform to the standard digital mobile radio

IP54 level dust-proof waterproof


XiR C1200 no keyboard main parameters:

Channel capacity: XiR C1200 16 power output: 1 w / 4 w

Frequency: 403-480 MHZ

Power supply: 7.5 V

Size: ni-mh battery 1400 mah XiR C1200 55 * 120 * 35.7 mm

Lithium battery 1700 mah XiR C1200 55 * 120 * 34.7 mm

The large capacity battery 2250 mah XiR C1200 55 * 120 * 39.9 mm

Weight: ni-mh battery 1400 mah XiR C1200 341 g

Lithium battery 1600 mah XiR C1200 276 g

The large capacity battery 2200 mah XiR C1200 281 g

Battery life: ni-mh battery simulation: 9.5 hours/number: 12.3 hours

Ultra-thin lithium battery simulation: 10.7 hours/number: 14.4 hours

The large capacity lithium battery simulation: 15.0 hours/number: 20.0 hours

Channel interval: 12.5 kHz / 25 kHz frequency stability: + / – 1.5 PPM

Intermodulation: 70 db audio distortion: 3%


Clear voice performance excellence


Easy operation and clear voice has always been a commercial radio users in the process of actual use of the most prominent demand, XiR C1200 / C2660 satisfied this exactly, its first-class digital speech processing technology to provide users with more clear and more reliable call, provide technical support for excellent call quality.

And preprogrammed text information function to achieve the rapid and flexible communication, send messages to radio users apply Yu Zaigao noise environment.


Low efficiency of the multiplication investment


XiR C1200 / C2660 by time division multiple access (TDMA) digital technology, has realized the double function of energy efficiency, without repeater and related auxiliary equipment, can obtain the double channel that can provide double under a frequency point (relative analog interphone) call capacity.

At the same time, two models are equipped with a two parts interface, convenient selection of audio accessories.

Users can continue to use the purchase of battery, antenna, and chargers and other accessories and saving the cost of investment.

Its excellent cost-effective, will meet business users, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) to balance the needs of the performance and price.


For hotel services, equipment manufacturing, big activities, etc


For multiple industry as a user of the product, from room to production line, from the active site to the service line, XiR C1200 / C2660 series digital intercom via digital speech processing technology effectively reduce background noise, in any work environment to provide the whole range of digital voice communication and data transmission.

It is easy to carry and operate, allowing managers to keep track of staff, room service personnel can be quickly between floor and guest room report, first-line production workers to adjust, obtain better efficiency in support, while large activities of the team will be the one in hand, perfect control field, and respond to emergencies happen.





Plug Standard

American, Australia Standard, BRITISH, Chinese, Euro


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