Motorola GM300 Mobile Radio UHF VHF Vehicle Walkie Talkie


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Motorola GM300 Mobile Radio UHF VHF Vehicle Walkie Talkie

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:Malaysia
  • Brand Name:Motorola
  • Model Number:GM300
  • Type:Handheld
  • Dimensions:198x178x50.8mm
  • Frequency Range:136-174Mhz, 403-470Mhz
  • Storage Channel:16
  • Talk Range:20-30 km
  • color:black
  • weight::1700g
  • output power::25w
  • screen::Yes
  • silent code::83
  • background lighting::Yes


motorola GM300 CAR RADIO
storage channel:16
talk range:10km
frequency range:330–370mhz





>> U section true diversity Smart ID identification technology, to prevent a string of multi-frequency applied to make, break frequency problem


>> PLL dual channel locked loop design


Smart ID >> unique recognition technology, you can use the multi-branch distribution


>> Digital and analog hybrid transmission, digital transmission of audio without delay shortcomings


>> UHF1000 frequency PLL digital lock automatic selection function


>> Infrared frequency design


>> Microprocessor control, no dead occurred, effectively avoid the output section or noises

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