Motorola GP3188 Handheld Walkie Talkie Long Distence Two Way Radio


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motorola GP3188 multi-function 16 channel walkie talkie long distence tow way radio strong signal UHF or VHF cost effect 



 Warm reminder:

This item is refurbished item, that mean the PCB is 90% new, the housing is new.

If you place the order of this model, do not allow refund.

If you mind, please be cautiously to buy the radio.



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Characteristics and advantages



In a low power mode, talk time up to 13 hours; in a high power mode, talk time up to 10 hours, can significantly improve the efficiency of your work.

In particular, voice clear, even in noisy environment can also communicate.

Having a battery safety latch function, battery can be fastened to the fuselage, letting you enjoy continued communication experience

Battery indicator, with LED, can show the battery status.


Easy to use

Equipped with easy to use, based on the Microsoft WindowsR customer programming software, can be quickly and easily on the wireless walkie-talkie programming.

With the lasting, monitor, without requiring the user to press the button can often programming, always use the monitor


Reliable and durable

Military standard, conforms to MIL-STD 810 standard


16 channel GP3188 isnew handheld wireless intercom, can realize the long talk time ( low power mode for up to 13 hours, the high power mode for up to 10 hours ), significantly improve the efficiency of your work. Not only that, the interphone further with ergonomic design, verylightweight, and has a new battery safety latch function ( battery can be fastened to the fuselage ), can make you enjoy the continuouscommunication experience. In addition, it can also provide very clear voice call quality, very suitable for property, security, hotel, supermarket,warehousing and logistics services industry, manufacturing and construction, forestry users.



Crystal Clear Audio

Exceptional audio design for that added
communications edge.

Extended Talktime

19hr-talktime on low power and 14hr-talktime on
high power for greater productivity.

Battery Latch Lock Feature

Keeps the power source firmly fastened to the
radio and allows continuous communication.


Durable and Reliable

Compliant with demanding MIL-STD 810 standards,
thus apt for harsh working environments.

Compatible Accessories

Compatible with existing original Motorola and
MagOne accessories, thus protecting your

Quick and Easy Programming

Faster programming with the user-friendly Microsoft
Windows® based Customer Programming


All features of the GP3188 are available through a
single Toggle button. Remarkably clear and reliably
rugged, the GP3188’s ergonomic design also adds
a touch of style.

Voice Operated Transmission (VOX)

Provides total handsfree for maximal productivity

Battery Indicator
LED provides status of battery life at a glance.
Sticky Permanent monitor
Allows user to stay on monitor mode without
consistently pressing the programmable button.


Additional information



Plug Standard

American, Australia Standard, BRITISH, Chinese, Euro, Japanese, Korean


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