Multi Battery Charger for Motorola GP320 GP340 GP328 GP338 GP360 GP380 EP5150 PTX760 Radio


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Six-Way Battery Charger Universal Gang Rapid Charger with Power Adapter for Motorola GP320/340/GP328/338/GP360/380/EP5150/PTX760

Product description:

Input voltage: 110-240V
Output voltage: 12V
Single-slot charging:pre-charge/constant current about 600mAh,constant voltage 8.4V±1%
Single plug wire weighs about 0.16kg
Item Size: 29*19*9cm/11.4*7.4*3.5inches

Compatible Model:

Motorola GP320/340/GP328/338/GP360/380/EP5150/PTX760/960

Compatible Battery Model:



Yellow light: Low battery voltage,small current charge
Red flashing: No original battery or damage
Red flight: Normal battery charging
Green flashing: The baggery is charged to 98%
Green light: Battery is full

Package Informations:

Package Size: 41*20.5*10.6cm/16.1*8*4.1inches
Package Weight: 2.17Kg/4.78lb
Package included: 1 * Six-Bank Charger;1* AC/DC Adapter;1* Cable


1.Before you order it,please double-check if the item can work for your radio,please check the compatible list
2. Normally ships next day, no more then 2 working days
3. If you have any other question, please contacte us, we will reply to you within 24 hours

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