QYT KT-8900 Mobile Radio Long Range Walkie Talkie VHF UHF Dual Band Marine Radio


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QYT KT-8900 Mini Mobile Car Radio CB Long Range Walkie Talkie 50km with Antenna VHF UHF Dual Band Marine Radio Car Walkie Talkie

About KT-8900

QYT’s first mini car radio canbe connected to a cigarette lighter and is dual-band dual display dual waiting ! Ordinary car radio connect cigarette lighter will be cause insufficient voltage and the machine will not work properly.
Now, the mini car-radio that can directly connect the car and the off-raod cigarette lighter appears. The machine is small and pitite, only half the size of the ordinary car radio! Low power to connect cigarette lighter for stable and normal use, but the call distance will not be much different.

Why choose us —— KT-8900?

1. Dual-band dual waiting, 25W high power

2. Cigarette lihgter power supply with cooling fan

3. Mini car radio

4. Good sound quality; Strong signal; Good quality

5. Ultra low price; Free installation

Ham car-friends strongly recommend

Product Features

Feature 1: Environmentally-friendly material

Feature 2: Strong performance

Feature 3: Good quality of chip

Feature 4: High power

Feature 5: Simple hand-microphone

KT-8900 —— Product Parameters

UV Dual Band Car Radio

Super mini size, only half ordinary car radio

Small body, Big function

DTMF, 2Tone, 5Tone

Scrambling secret telephone device(optional)

Dual band, Dual display, Dual waiting

25W power over long distances

Adopt imported configuration chip independently

Directly connect cigarette lighter


Cigarette lighter under the liner of the box

Please pay attention to check

Pictures of white background —— can be seen from all sides

Schematic diagram of the installation position of the radio antenna

The car top radiation omnidirectional
Car body large area of metal mirror antenna
Low installation (SWR) results in low standing wave efficiency


The car charger needs to be connected to the main power supply, rejecting multiple stages, so as to avoid current and voltage shortage!


Wurui Buck, Eagle Antenna, Wurui Antenna, Eagle Buck, Wurui Mic, Eagle Mic

Plug Standard

Chinese, Euro, BRITISH, American, Japanese, Korean, Australia Standard


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