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Recent RS-339D Digital Two Way Radio VHF UHF Dual Band DMR Walkie Talkie

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Recent RS-339D Digital two way radio DMR VHF UHF Dual Band Radio Support digital mode & analog mode Walkie talkie

Main features:

●Support digital mode, analog mode
●Support Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean Language
●Black and white dot matrix large screen
●LCD display
●Multiple calling methods: one call, group call and full call
●Remote and activation functions
●Short message function/SMS: send and receive
●Emergency alarm function: local and remote alarm scanning function
●Digital mode – call encryption function
●Dual charging mode: USB port direct charging, seat charging.
●Recording function: support more than 300 hours of recording (optional)

●Set high and low power (PC programming software settings)
●Control whether some menus appear (PC programming software settings)
●Whisper: The whisper function can be turned on or off in this menu. The whisper function allows the whisper to speak into the microphone while talking, and the other party can hear it clearly. The whisper function can also be turned on or off via the “whisper” shortcut.
●Timeout forbidden
●Channel scanning
●Sub-audio (only for analog channels: 50 sets of CTCSS and 105 sets of DCS)
●Set color code: In color mode, the color code can be set. When the received color code and ID match, the unit will turn on the speaker to make a sound. Setting range: 0-15 (corresponding to 16 groups of color codes).
◆Inter-phone copy: Connect the copy line, you can use this menu function to copy the related setup data information of one of the walkie-talkie to another walkie-talkie.


General specification

Frequency range

VHF:136-174MHz ,UHF:400-470MHz

Channel capacity


Channel spacing

Analog :12.52025kHz,Digital :12.5khz

Frequency stability


Working voltage





207g(including battery,clip and antenna)

Battery capacity


Working temperature


Storage temperature


Receiver specification

Analog sensitivity

≤-121dBm@12db SINAD

Digital sensitivity



≥50dB@12.5khz;≥55dB@25kHz; -117DBM(BER <1%)

Adjacent channel selectivity


Co-channel suppression




Audio power


Audio distortion


Transmitter specification

Radio frequency power


Modulation sensitivity


Stray radio frequency component


Adjacent channel power


4FSK modulation accuracy


Audio distortion



Package contain:

Antennas *1
Power Adapter*1
Battery *1
Stand charger *1
Back clip*1
Instruction manual*1

Turned on or off in the menu:

Squelch level: 0-9
Keyboard lock
Power saving mode
Receive only



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