Yaesu DR-2X C4FM Digital Repeater IP Interconnect Dual Band VHF UHF Receiver System Multifunction Repeater


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YAESU DR-2X supports C4FM digital / regular FM dual mode and dual receive function relay platform, which includes VHF and UHF amateur radio band.Through the AMS function, the DR-2X mixes communication using conventional FM mode communication and C4FM digital mode.

Yaesu DR-2X C4FM Digital Repeater IP Interconnect Dual Band VHF UHF Receiver System Multifunction Repeater

1. C4FM digital mode provides perfect audio quality
Compared with other digital models, the C4FM modulation mode has better bit error rate (BER) characteristics to ensure good speech quality in communication. The C4FM digital high definition voice technology using 12.5kHz bandwidth enables the high quality voice communication to be transmitted perfectly.
2. AMS makes conventional FM and digital FM friendly co-exist (automatic mode selection).
System integration enables all users, including users using different modes, to communicate with each other. AMS makes all systems possible. AMS automatically identifies C4FM digital signals or regular FM signals, and then DR-2X transforms the identified signals into the current communication mode.

3. Flexible double receiver function
The unique real-time double receiver relay – DR-2X can assign an additional control relay to the relay administrator, transmit an emergency signal, or specify second uplink frequencies. Relay administrators can also independently allocate downlink frequencies based on uplink frequencies.

4. Enhanced Digital Group ID Function
The revolutionary digital group ID function enables users who share the same digital group identification code to quickly and quickly track multiple communication resources and display group member signal strength and telemetry information.
A group ID (0-99) can specify members to participate in group communication. In addition, multi-point relay transmission can be controlled by DG-ID.
For safe relay station operation, you can register the sole ID of the relay station for personal operation identification. DP-ID can restrict access to the relay station members of registered ID.

5. Based on Internet connection relay link system (IMRS), large area expands signal coverage (option).
The Internet link Relay link system (IMRS) allows relay use to connect multiple relays via LAN or WAN. Based on the inherent stability defects of WAN connection, such as the Internet, or the words happen all happened, the new DR-2X mixed a variety of forms of network environment, making the connection between the relay more direct, ensuring the quality of digital communication. Digital group identifier can be used to control relay activation. * required component LAN unit (LAN-01A)

6. Friendly interactive settings interface 3.5 inch full touch screen

7. Advanced operation
The rear panel controls the I/O port and can be connected to the S-COM7330 relay controller. Up to 3 DR-2X units can be connected to provide programmable sound, clock, access modes and other functions.
8. Other functions
Built-in AC power supply (North American and Asian versions)
Digital squelch code (DSQ) signaling
19-inch standard cabinet connection
CTCSS and DCS sub audio
High stability +-2.5ppmTCXO
Overtime Interdiction Function (TOT)
Firmware upgrade

9. Supplied accessories
AC power cord
DC power cord with fuse
Spare fuse (5A/15A)
Plastic foot
PC Cable SC-20
Operation Manual
Warranty Card

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Trouble-Shooting Guide

Problem Solution
Can not switch on

1. The battery power is low.Please change or replace it.

2. The battery is not well connected.Just remove the battery and reload it.

Standby time is short after charging Battery life ends.Please replace it with a new one.
Unable to talk with others in the same group

1. It is out of communication range.

2. Transmit at different frequency or different CTCSS/DCS Settings.Pls revise settings.

Hear other voices(not from the same group)in the channel Please change the frequency and or CTCSS/DCS tone and make sure to change the tone on all the transceivers in your group.
Short Communication Distance

1. Pls check whether the antenna is well connected.

2. Pls make sure that the antenna is the standard one supplied by factory.

3. Pls check whether the battery capacity is in normal state.

4. Pls change the squelch level.

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