Talinfone W460 Waterproof Radio

Talinfone W460 IP67 Waterproof Walkie Talkie Hiden Display Two Way Radio

IP-68 Technical parameters of waterproof interphone

Technical parameters of waterproof radio

Specification of the packaging color box: 220mm* l 60mm*85mm

Optional frequency range

1, Integrated PCB: 10W 400-480MHZ

2. Traditional PCB: 10W 136- 174MHZ

3. Traditional PCB: 10W 400-480MHZ

Number of channels: 128

Channel Space 25KHZ 112.5KHZ

Working voltage 7.5V +/- 10%

Battery capacity: Lithium battery 3000MAH

Working temperature: – -30– -60

Antenna impedance: 509

Standby current 10 50MA

Dimensions: 130 * 60 * 39mm

Weight: 300g (include battery & antenna)

Waterproof rating: IP67

Transmitter :

Frequency stability:+/-2.5ppm

Output power: 10W+/-0.5W

Modulation limitation < 5Khz, Narrow < 2.5Khz

Audio distortion < 5%

Transmit Current < 2.6- -2.65A

Modulaiton characteristics :_ +-3dB

Adjacent Channel Power > 65dB

Spurious Emission: < 65uW

Occupied bandwidth < 16KHZ


Receive Sensitivity: 12dB(SINAD> 0.2uV

Audio output power: 1w

Audio distortion < 5%

Audio response: +- -3dB

CoChannel suppression > 8dB

Adjacent Channel selective > 55dB

Intermodulation immunity > 55dB

Spurious response immunity > 55dB

Blocking characteristics > 84dB

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